A ‘Truly Asian’ Dream

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Malaysia: A Truly Asian Dream Destination

One of the must-do, -visit, -see things on our Chai List is Malaysia. We’ve dreamt about it, we’ve spent long hours planning it, we’ve spoken to almost everyone who’s ever been there and to top it all, we’ve made the most ridiculous excuses at work for time off so that we can do the trip. Four times now, all in vain.

No, it’s not because of the proximity or any other lame cliche, but it’s because we strongly believe that Malaysia is an experience not to be missed. It’s an experience in humility in grandeur, an experience in splendor and the best ever weekend getaway that someone in Bangalore can hope for.

Nikhil and I have managed to have every imaginable experience in weekend travel between us, but the one thing on our list that we’d die for is the best possible answer to “How was your weekend?”

“Oh, you know, it wasn’t too bad. Just got back this morning from a trip.”

“Oh, I love weekend trips. Where did you go? Goa?”

“Malaysia!” (The unsaid words would be “Ha! In your face!”)

Among all the other things that people want to see and do over there, our list of things to do in Malaysia is slightly different:

  1. Entrapment: We want to dress up like Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones and enact the final scenes of Entrapment on the Petronas twin towers.
  2. The British: We want to walk around the Cameron Highlands in Pahang dressed in Victorian outfits and sip tea and eat cakes at 4.30 in the evening.
  3. Blocks: We want to make life sized lego blocks of ourselves at Legoland in Johor.
  4. Going for Broke: We want to spend every penny we’ve ever saved on shopping for almost everything, everywhere.
  5. The Memory: We want to spread the word. About Malaysia. To Everyone.

Jari Bersilang!

Image Courtesy: Tourism Malaysia

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