Travel Memories Of 2014

The year is finally drawing to a close. This year has been, as always, exciting for us. A lot of new places, new people and new experiences to write about. That’s always fun.

We began the year with a disappointing road trip to Gopalaswamy Betta. We did the mistake of going there on New Year’s Day, almost exactly a year ago. The drive was peaceful, but the place wasn’t. It seemed as if the whole country decided to come there on that day. We weren’t there for more than thirty minutes before we began driving back. Our advice: Don’t go anywhere remotely ‘touristy’ on New Year’s Day.

We followed this up with a road trip to Masinagudi, deep in the Bandipur forest. Nestled snugly on the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, is this little gem of a town. We stayed at a jungle resort for three days and it was one of the best trips we’ve had so far. Masinagudi is a 30-minute drive away from Ooty, which was an added perk for us. We’ve had the unique pleasure of hopping over to Ooty for lunch.

Then came the slump. For almost six months, we did not travel anywhere outside Bangalore. Our hectic schedules and our penchant for spending money on things we don’t need ensured that we stayed put. But for us, like any traveler, six months without a day on the road with our backpacks was just too much to handle. We decided to end the year with a bang and planned a 15-day trip to the top of the world: Leh.

Our time in Leh was fascinating, to say the least. Riding a bike through the mountains was an experience we’ll never forget. A week in Leh was followed by an ambitious Great Lakes Trek in Kashmir. Though we didn’t complete it, climbing the mountain amidst the pristine natural beauty of Sonamarg was something we both won’t forget in a hurry.

2015 promises to be a better year for us, travel-wise. A international trip is being planned right now, and we’ll update you with the details soon. We are planning a lot of little weekend getaways too. We have taken a solemn vow that we won’t let our jobs get in the way of our travels. Time will tell how successful we are. Wish us all the best!

We hope you had as much fun in 2014 as we had. Have a wonderful year ahead and may all your dreams come true. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!



  1. Wishing you the best of best. Happy New Year.

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